A signature by someone of legal age (21 years or older) is required for wine delivery.  If no one of legal age will be home to accept delivery, we suggest shipping to a business address.  Also, the shipping company will try to deliver three times and if no one is home to accept the delivery, the order will be subject to a second shipping charge. If you will be home on a specific day we can usually arrange the delivery to occur on that day. 

We ship directly  to four states, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. You can order on our website for shipment  to these four states.

We also ship to the following states through . These states are Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, and Wyoming.  If you are shipping to one of these states, please go to to place your order.  Vinoshipper will handle the billing and we will drop-ship from our winery.